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Buy and pay in installments.

Saturday, March 5, 2022
by Samuel Tuah-Ameyaw
Buy and Pay in Intallments

Life Time Mission Bonuses for you

Saturday, March 5, 2022
by Samuel Tuah-Ameyaw

Your source of income and grounds for your ministry

Saturday, March 5, 2022
by Samuel Tuah-Ameyaw
source of income and Grounds for your ministry

It is easy to use

Saturday, March 5, 2022
by Samuel Tuah-Ameyaw

Frequently Asked Questions

Friday, April 30, 2021
by Samuel Tuah-Ameyaw


Can I return products I have bought?

Yes, you have 14 days to return products you bought from us. To return the items, customers must submit the copy of proof of purchase and fill in the return request form. You can create a return request right from your customer account. Read our return policy by clicking HERE

Shipping & Delivery information

We ship to all countries except contraband countries. It takes from 3 to 14 working days. Delivery in Ghana is within 24hours. We make same day delivery in all the regional capitals in Ghana. Please click HERE to read more

Why I should choose your company?

We have what you need and our PROJECT is to serve you to be satisfied that you are happy. We have excellent work history. Follow this link to read about us

When can I apply my coupon code?
You can use your coupon code on checkout page when you are making payment for your order. Coupons give you so many benefits in monetary terms and many other benefits you can't imagine. We have so many coupons for you if you register as our official customer. Please follow this link for more.

How can I pay for my order?
You can pay via debit or credit card, mobile money, pay-on-delivery, direct bank deposit, internet banking, installment payment or come to our physical store to pay by cash. Click HERE for details

For any other questions call us on +233242137540 or Email us to myabccenter.com@gmail.com


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ABC Project

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
by Samuel Tuah-Ameyaw

Our Philosophy

ABC Project also referred to as myabccenter.com is a multi-user software designed and built based on the spirit and philosophy of the Publishing Ministry and Literature Evangelists to arm believers to GO NOW!

I will Go Now!

Myabccenter.com is a smart evangelistic tool that equips the Literature Evangelist, the  believer and institutions of believers to "GO NOW" to do the bidding of the Lord wherever, whenever, however. It enables the believer to mount his/her pulpit on social media, on the land, on the sea, in the air, at the office, on the street, at the marketplace, in the bedrooms, in buses, in the train, at homes, in second circle schools, and wherever people can be found with no limitations.

Reaching the Rich, the Affluent & the Educated

It has been carefully designed to reach the affluence and the rich in society including the difficult to reach territories with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the context the three Angels messages. It has therefore made it easier to mount pulpit in the political corridors, in the corridors of traditional leaders, in Muslim Communities, on university campuses, and specialized groups in society with no or negligible resistance.

Empowerment of Literature Evangelist

Myabccenter.com was designed by Literature Evangelist for literature evangelists to mitigate the challenges of COVID-19 on the literature ministry. It turns the challenges of the pandemic into opportunities and ceases the moment to make it OUR TIME  to flourish. Myabccenter.com empowers the L.E in 12-major ways and presents to him/her 500 smart ways to succeed in his/her line of work in the ministry.  Today, myabccenter.com has made literature evangelism tech-compliant and so attractive that many believers want to join and that IT IS OUR TIME to send hope into every home.

ABC Transformation & Efficiency

The functionalities and features of myabccenter transforms the ABCs to respond sufficiently to the post-modern community and positions them to embark on the publishing ministry with the highest efficiency like never before. In addition, it makes supervision and regulation of the conference ABCs a delight to the Unions or similar higher organizations.

Availability, Visibility & Accessibility (AVA)

Essentially, myabccenter.com integrates your ABC with your local communities to live with them so as to make the gospel available, accessible and visible. It ensures that your ABC is truly available, visible & available to the world community but not believers of the present truth only and that your ABC cohabits with both believers and non-believers, which includes sharing customers with secular companies,/firms, non religious organizations etc. This way, your ABC integrates with the world community, seek their good and bid them to follow the savior.

Reaching Remote Areas with Weak or No Internet Connectivity

Where there is weak or no internet connectivity, your customers can access your ABC on their mobile phones. Similarly, your ABC can access myabccenter.com and operate without internet connectivity at your point of sale (POS). This functionality comes as an optional add-on to you. This makes it possible for your ABC to share the gospel even in remote territories that are difficult to reach.

Our Team

Myabccenter.com was developed by salesPromotaTechnology consultants in collaboration with the Northern Ghana Union Mission (NGHUM) and the South Central Ghana Conference under the leadership of Pastor Armah Tandoh (NGHUM ABC Director) and Pastor Elvis Asiamah (SCGC ABC Director) under the auspices of  NGHUM President, Pastor Kwame Boakye-Kwanin, NGHUM Executive Secretary, Pastor Kwame Annor-Boahen and NGHUM Treasurer, Pastor Dickson Sarfo Marfo. It includes the patronage of the Publishing Ministry Directors of the 10 conferences of the Union Namely:

Pastor Elvis AsiamahAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASouth Central Ghana Conference
Pastor AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACentral Ghana Conference
Pastor AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAshanti South Ghana Conference
Pastor AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAshanti Central Ghana Conference
Pastor AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMid-West Ghana conference
Pastor AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMountain View Ghana Conference
Pastor AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMid-North Ghana Conference
Pastor AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGreen View Ghana Conference
Pastor AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMid-Central Ghana Conference

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